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Benson, NC


Doug was born in North Carolina, USA, and has lived there all his life. He graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Industrial Relations and worked for many years as a clinical social worker in a mental health facility while continuing to paint and draw as a hobby and avocation. Since retiring in 2003, he has devoted more time to these endeavors and has met with increasing success in exhibiting and sales.
Since childhood, Doug has been inspired and motivated by visual art, photography, and the natural beauty of people, places, and scenes around him. He started very early to try to capture, on paper in pencil and other media, the things that attracted him visually. Although he has taken art courses, including some in college, he is primarily self-taught in the techniques that interest him and in which he works best.
He has studied the works of Van Gogh, Sargent, and others, whose use of color, texture, and brushwork in their creative processes, have been strong inspirational influences that he tries to emulate. His work is realistic in nature, but not photo-realistic, and may contain impressionistic passages. The style and quality of his artwork have evolved and improved over the years, owing in part to the workshop tutelage of nationally-renowned artist, Daniel Greene, and recreational painting courses he received (and later taught) at Johnston Community College. He participated in a portrait academy workshop sponsored by the Portrait Society of America in November 2006, where he received instruction from Dawn Whitelaw and Edward Jonas. He produces several portrait drawings or paintings every year in addition to still lifes, landscapes, florals, animals, or whatever subject matter attracts his interest. Recently, he has begun to paint more “en plein air” and enjoys it greatly. He participates regularly in the “portrait painters group” at Sertoma Art Center in Raleigh, NC, to hone his ‘alla prima’ painting skills. He maintains a website where he displays and sells his artwork and offers commissioned works.
Doug has been a member of the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh for several years where he has won several awards in various competitions. His work has recently been on exhibit at Nicole’s Gallery in Raleigh and at other local venues.
His paintings and drawings are included in many private collections as well as those of corporate and government agencies.
Honors and Awards:

2014: NC State Fair: "Best NC State Fair" painting
2012: Featured in article in August/September issue of RURAL HERITAGE Magazine
2011: NC State Fair: First Place (Professional Painting); Best North Carolina Scene
2011: Johnston County Arts and Food Festival, "People's Choice Award, Best Artist"
2010: NC State Fair - Commissioner's Purchase Award and an Honorable Mention
2010: Clayton (NC) Art Faire: Award of Merit
2010: North Hills Midtown Plein Air Painting Competition - Best Painting (People on the Move Category)
2010: Johnston County Arts and Food Festival, First Place Painting
2009: Jr. League of Raleigh “Someplace Like Home” show – Third Place
2009: NC State Fair – Best in Show Award
2009: Clayton (NC) Art Faire: Award of Merit
2009: North Hills Midtown Plein Air Painting Competition - 1st Place, “Quick Painting”, and “Best Plein Air Representation – Oil”
2008: NC State Fair – 1st Place, Professional Painting, Commissioner’s Purchase Award
2008: Clayton Art Faire: Award of Merit
2007: NC State Fair – 2nd Place, Professional Painting
2007: Winner of Clayton, NC Promotional Poster Contest
2006: NC State Fair – 1st Place, Professional Painting, Commissioner’s Purchase Award, and an Honorable Mention
2006: Clayton Art Faire – 3rd Place
2005: Clayton Art Faire – 3rd Place
2004: NC State Fair – Honorable Mention, Professional Painting
2004: Clayton Art Faire – 3rd Place
2004: Wayne County Arts National Exhibit (Goldsboro, NC) – Second Place
2003: NC State Fair – 3rd Place, Professional Painting
2003: Clayton Art Faire – 3rd Place
2002: Clayton Art Faire - 2nd Place
2002: Wayne County Arts National Exhibit (Goldsboro, NC) – Second Place
2000: NC State Fair – Best Agricultural Scene and Commissioner’s Purchase Award
1998: Fine Arts League of Cary, NC – Best Oil Painting


Dean's Pal by Doug Strickland


The Fifties Diner 2 by Doug Strickland


Tired and Retired by Doug Strickland


Endurance by Doug Strickland


Geraniums on a Country Porch by Doug Strickland


Five Past Six at the Mecca Cafe by Doug Strickland


Wedding Hands by Doug Strickland


Country Crossroads by Doug Strickland


Plastic Patio Chairs by Doug Strickland


Face-Off by Doug Strickland


Buick Eight by Doug Strickland


Fast Releif by Doug Strickland


David Pace's Gro. by Doug Strickland


The Fifties Diner by Doug Strickland


Boss by Doug Strickland


Big Eds Cafe Raleigh NC by Doug Strickland


Retired Combine Awaiting A Storm by Doug Strickland


Pickers by Doug Strickland


Red Cows on Grapevine Road by Doug Strickland


1948 M G Racer by Doug Strickland


Flower Field 1 by Doug Strickland


Flower Field 2 by Doug Strickland


Frosty Reception by Doug Strickland


At the Coffee Mill by Doug Strickland


The Technician by Doug Strickland


Thoughtful Santa by Doug Strickland


The Conversation by Doug Strickland


Westbrook Country Store by Doug Strickland


Main Street Clayton NC by Doug Strickland


The Hair Cuttery by Doug Strickland


Rested by Doug Strickland


Blue Ford by Doug Strickland


Roadside Fishing Spot by Doug Strickland


Remembering Old Maude by Doug Strickland


Cupboard Still Life by Doug Strickland


Rain of Terror by Doug Strickland


Waiting for Watson by Doug Strickland


Waiting for Watson 2 by Doug Strickland


Red Man by Doug Strickland


Captain Candycorns Dollhouse Choir by Doug Strickland


Austin General Store Interior by Doug Strickland


Carolina Patriot by Doug Strickland


Edna and Sammy of Johnston County by Doug Strickland


Turtle Log Spa by Doug Strickland


Border Daylilies by Doug Strickland


Barnin Tobacco by Doug Strickland


Amaryllis by Doug Strickland


T. R. Lee Service Station by Doug Strickland